How To Prepare Your iPhone For International Travel

If you think your standard monthly iPhone bill is rough, just get a load of it after you’ve been traveling abroad. A la carte data charges could run your bill up into six figures, according to an AP story.

The story offers up a couple quick fixes:

To be more selective, go to “Settings,” then “General” and then “Network.” Here you can shut off “Data Roaming” so you won’t feast on high-priced data but can still make phone calls.

Also, in your e-mail settings, turn off the “Fetch” option so you won’t automatically download e-mail. Do so under “Settings,” then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and “Fetch New Data.”

You should also sign up for a short-term international calling plan, which according to the story can tack on a $5 starting fee and lower your per-minute rate from 99 to 59 cents. The story uses Mexico as an example for such rates.

If you want to go crazy with data, foreign plans start at $25 for 20 megabytes. It’s costly, sure, but the up-front expenditures are minimal compared to a fright-night phone bill when you get back from vacation.

Avoid hefty fees: Prepare your iPhone for international travel [AP via Knoxville NewsSentinel]
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