Best Buy Now Prices TVs Up To $200 Cheaper Online

According to our friends at, Best Buy now has drastic price differences on TVs between its web site and stores. The difference can be as much as $200, but Best Buy will price match its own prices for customers who happen to glance at the site before purchasing a TV.

We’re going to guess that not many of those customers doing research online beforehand were planning to buy their new TV from Best Buy, anyway.

Last week, at least, employees didn’t seem terribly aware of the discrepancy:

When asked about the pricing discrepancy, a blue shirted clerk replied that he was unaware of it, adding that he would “price match”’s online prices, if he could verify them. Isn’t that wonderful?

Well, as long as they’re price-matching from their actual web site and not a secret intranet, it’s not so bad.

Best Buy: A New “Dual Price” Strategy? [HDGuru]

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