Free Ice Cream Doesn't Heal Broken Leg, But It Helps

As summer winds down, Michael from Maryland shared with us a delightful story about an ice cream chain going above and beyond. It shows the lengths to which people will go in order to get something for free, and the thoughfulness of a company after the pursuit of free stuff went wrong.

The ice cream company Bruster’s Real Ice Cream offers a free second scoop of ice cream when its raining or snowing. About two weeks ago, I was at the state fair when it began to rain. Excited, I decided to head for my car in order to grab a free second scoop of ice cream. Unfortunately, I slipped in mud, breaking my leg in two places. I never made it to Bruster’s. From my hospital bed, I wrote an email to Bruster’s, requesting a free second scoop of ice cream once I had regained the ability to walk.

I received a response from the owner of the local Bruster’s the next day, asking for my address so he could send off a gift card for a free first scoop, no purchase necessary. Pleased, I replied with my name and address.

The next afternoon I was at a follow-up appointment with my doctor. I got a phone call from my sister, who told me that a Bruster’s delivery van had driven up to the house. A man from Bruster’s had come to the house to wish me well, and to drop off FOUR pints of Bruster’s ice cream.

Bruster’s, in this one motion, has earned my brand loyalty forever. I tell my story to everyone who comes to visit.

We can’t help but question the wisdom of abandoning a state fair in order to get a free scoop of ice cream (state fairs are awesome) but are delighted to hear that Bruster’s has pitched in to help Michael get the extra calcium he needs to heal his leg. Yeah. That’s it.

(Photo: diaper)

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