AT&T Keeps Calling To Say I Qualify For Free Upgrade From My iPhone 3GS?

AT&T has called me repeatedly over the past few weeks and months for some mysterious reason.

When I pick up, a recorded message tells me to call in to talk to them about my account. I finally did today so they would stop calling me. The CSR asked me how they could help me today. I said, you tell me, you’re the ones who keep calling me saying I have to call in. After she checked my account she said the only thing might be that AT&T wanted me to know that I qualified for a free phone upgrade. Thanks anyway, I said, but I’ll just stick with my iPhone 3GS. I’m not even sure what they think they can “upgrade” you to from an iPhone 3GS.

Any other AT&T customers get calls like this?

(Photo: revertebrate)

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