Geek Squad Will Plug In Your PS3 For Only $130

A Kotaku tipster notified the video game blog that Best Buy’s Geek Squad is offering what can only be described as the deal of the century. Something even better than that awe-inspiring CD ripping service.

*For the low, low price of $129.99, the Geek Squad will come to your home… Do I even need to go on? After all, a visit from the honorable techno-soldiers alone is worth at least that much money. But there’s even more. With the purchase of a PlayStation 3, the wizards will:

*Set up and install your PS3: This presumably involves taking it out of the box, plugging it into the wall — and here’s where things get crazy — into your TV as well.

*Install the latest firmware updates: Gritty work indeed. To do this, the Geek Squadster will power on your controller, flick the “left” button on the directional pad several times, then click “x” to tell your PS3 to download the firmware.

*Set up & configure local user accounts with parental controls: More pushing of the “left” button, followed by more pressing of “x” under the parental controls prompt. This could take as long as 15 seconds. And time is money!

*Set up & configure online account: Typing in your name and e-mail when prompted. This is an especially valuable service to those who are illiterate and/or dyslexic.

So, so amazing. Kotaku’s headline for its story on the matter was “This should be illegal. Seriously.” Hell yeah, it should. This offer is so great, it’s darn near criminal. Hurry up and take Best Buy up on this offer before they run out of Geeks!

Seriously. This Should Be Illegal [Kotaku]
(Photo: The Consumerist)

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