Get Your Piece Of The Dell Fraud Settlement

If you live in New York and bought a Dell computer within the past few years, you may be eligible for compensation as part of the recent settlement between the company and the office of New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Forms are due by December 15, and are, according to AG Cuomo, “as simple a claim form as 100 lawyers could write.” In other words, you’d better get started now if you want to get one in on time.
Inside: Video – Cuomo and plaintiff Cary Lou Canfield lay down the law at Consumers Union earlier this week, and more info on getting some bucks from Dell.

To get the rebate, you’ll have to confirm you were a New York state resident when you bought the computer, and fill out a form on the AG’s website attesting to one of three problems: that you were misled by Dell about a “no interest” financing plan; that you bought a Dell service contract that promised “at home” or “on site” service; or that you were inappropriately denied or never received an expected rebate.

Cuomo Announces Dell Will Pay $4 Million For Defrauding New York Consumers [Office of Andrew Cuomo]
Information about filing a Claim for Compensation related to the Dell Settlement [NY Consumer Frauds Bureau]

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