99-Cent Cardboard iPhone Case Won't Make You Awesome

If you think 99 cents is a fair price to pay for the latest fart-simulator or “Are You a Moron?” quiz in Apple’s App Store, Case-Mate has a deal for you. The company’s Recession iPhone case is made from 100% cardboard, and sells for 99 cents — with free shipping included. Case-Mate doesn’t claim that the case is actually useful in any traditional sense of that word; the FAQ for the product makes it clear that there’s no warranty, it doesn’t include any kind of screen protector, and that it’s flammable “if you light it on fire.”

Case-Mate does, however, also claim that the case will make you awesome, and we’re not so sure about that one. What might really make do the trick is a DIY cardboard iPhone case made out of a recycled juice box. Sure, you’ll spend more than 99 cents, and you’ll have to do some actual work. But you’ll get a sugar high from the juice, and your case may even protect your phone a little. (And, yes, we know Case-Mate is just having some fun, and 99 cents doesn’t seem like an unfair price for this thing. But the juice box ones really will make you awesome. Trust us.)

iPhone 3G / 3GS recession case [Case-Mate]
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