Comcast Raising Cable Modem Rental Fees This Fall

Comcast is going to start rolling out a $2 fee hike across the country this fall, which means your cable modem rental fee will go from $3 to $5 by the end of the year. Comcast says they absolutely have to do this or they’ll never be able to pay for service and equipment upgrades, which makes us wonder how the poor underfunded company manages to stay afloat at all.

Multichannel News notes that you can buy your own cable modem for around $100, which will pay for itself in less than two years at Comcast’s new rental rate.

“Comcast Hiking Cable-Modem Fee to $5 From $3 Monthly Nationwide” [Multichannel News via dslreports] (Thanks to CZ!)
(Photo: scriptingnews)

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