Couple Remodels Wrong Condo (Theirs Was Next Door)

LadySiren writes,

Here’s something I came across today: a husband and wife bought a condo, moved in, spent $30K on renovations, and then found out that they didn’t own that condo, but the one next door instead.

Update: It turns out this story is five months old, and I apologize for posting it without checking the timeliness of it. There had been an update to the story back in April of this year, and things didn’t turn out well for the “owner”:

Kyte fought hard to keep the condo, but in the end he was forced to move.

“Every part of me is sad right now,” said Kyte.

Kyte lived in unit #4, but according the city he actually owned the deed to unit # 5, the run-down apartment next door.

“It looks terrible,” said Kyte.

Kyte paid a little over 45k for the condo that wasn’t his and sunk another $30k into the renovations. My Fox Atlanta reports that after the renovations it appraised for more than triple the purchase price.

“Colo. Man in Condo Mix-up Evicted” [My Fox Atlanta] (Thanks to Beth!)
“Condo owner finds out he’s been living and renovating in the wrong unit” [Fox31] (Thanks to LadySiren!)
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