Walmart's "Junk Food In The Toy Aisle" Mystery Officially Solved

Yesterday we posted a photo a reader sent in of a toy aisle in his local Walmart that was packed with junk food. We all got commenty on what exactly Walmart was doing—was it a one-off paid promo by Pepsi? A marketing experiment? A power-mad store manager driven crazy by shelving issues? Nah, it’s actually an intentional choice mandated by corporate.

Last night, our reader “w_mworker” said it was an official display campaign called “Family Fun Night”:

There is also supposed to be board games and other family games next to the DVDs. (probably not noticed since they actually belong in the toy dept) The idea is one stop shopping for a cheap family night at home. By a board game, kid dvd and some snacks.

And guess what: today on Twitter, Walmart made an official announcement.

Walmart on Twitter (Thanks to m_worker and Travis!)

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