McCurry Defeats McDonald's In Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

In a victory for little guys worldwide, the Malaysian restaurant McCurry has won an epic trademark battle against McDonald’s. Yes, McDonald’s. McCurry has been open for ten years, and has spent eight of those fighting McDonald’s. They won on the grounds that nobody could possibly ever confuse the two restaurants.

“It is the end of the road for McDonald’s. McCurry can use the prefix,” said lawyer Sri Dev Nair who represented the family-owned restaurant, which serves up Malaysian favourites like tandoori chicken and fish masala.

“McCurry and McDonald’s are two different businesses which sell different types of food and they have different customers,” he said, rejecting McDonald’s claim that the use of “Mc” in its name could cause confusion.

Supposedly, the name stands for “Malaysia Chicken Curry Restaurant.”

Prediction for 2010: Any restaurants in Malaysia named Monster Curry are in trouble.

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(Photo: pinguino)