Complaint E-mail To Cablevision Results In Immediate Response, Cool Insider Info

Do you know how powerful just one dissatisfied customer can be? David, a telephone, internet, and cable TV customer of Cablevision, didn’t know until he was finally frustrated enough with the company to send a very honest e-mail detailing his issues with their service. He received a response that he hadn’t expected at all.

Last week, I fired off an email to Cablevision voicing my displeasure at their apparent inability to keep up with the competition. I complained about things like the lack of remote access to my DVRs, their hideous interface and their repeated practice of pushing marketing over substance. I also took the time to give credit where I believed credit was due, commending them for their internet and phone services, which in my opinion are solid. To my surprise, within the HOUR I received a call from “Cablevision Executive Relations” confirming that my email had been received and that someone would be following up with me within 72 hours. Yikes. And follow up they did.

Within the 72 hour period, I received an email from a very high ranking individual in product management. He thanked me for my email, assured me that Cablevision was working hard to supply their customers with new technology, and that I should stay tuned. Form letter? Appeasement? I replied, inquiring about the web-dvr technology I’d been reading about. Sure enough, he replied, tipping me off to Cablevision’s new feature of being able to access your DVR(s) remotely via the internet. I checked it out, and instantly one of my biggest complaints was addressed and satisfied. I also mentioned my frustration with their On-Demand and Enhanced TV services, both of which have broken up/failed miserably in the past. He checked into my levels remotely and scheduled their head tech to visit my home. The head tech did indeed come out, on time, and checked everything. He was polite, courteous and answered every one of my questions. My levels were on the low end – he changed the connections on the outside of my house and said that someone would have to check the pole, something that would happen within a few days. Sure enough, when I arrived home after work the next day, a Cablevision tech was working on the pole. That night, I did everything I could to make my converter box/DVR fail. It could not be done.

I implore you to share my story with the Consumerist Universe. I never expected a reply, much less the intense, excellent customer service I was given. It’s difficult, if not impossible, for me to recall a better customer service experience. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still on the hook – they’ve promised me better technology and I’m going to hold them to it – but they have genuinely made me feel that they value my business, and that goes a long long way.

So did Cablevision solve all of David’s problems? Not yet. We can’t be entirely sure that they’ll follow through, but as David said, taking the time to respond immediately and address his concerns showed that Cablevision does value one little customer like him.

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