Need To Change Your UPS Delivery Address In Transit? There's A Fee For That

If you’re having a package delivered by UPS and want to change the delivery address while it’s in transit, be warned: this service will now cost you either $4 or $6 depending on whether you make the request online or over the phone.

Here’s the new fee structure from their site:

Delivery Change Requests:

* There is a new fee for two of the Delivery Change Request options: Deliver to Another Address and Reschedule Delivery.

  • Online requests made at will be $4.
  • Phone requests to 1-800-PICK-UPS will be $6.
  • There is no fee for requesting a Will Call, including Same Day Will Call, or a Return to Sender.

    * The receiver must now provide a UPS InfoNotice® number when making a Delivery Change Request to deliver the package to an alternate address.

    * An additional transportation charge will apply for Deliver to Another Address requests to addresses outside the local area.

We contacted UPS to see whether our theory that this has more to do with combating fraud than squeezing more money out of customers is true, but they haven’t responded yet.

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