Six Money Lessons of the Great Recession

Ok, so our collective net worth is down several trillion dollars and personally our fortunes have nose-dived, but at least the recession provides a “learning opportunity.” Or at least that’s MSN Money’s point-of-view. They suggest we’ve learned (the hard way unfortunately) the following money lessons from the recent recession :

1. The experts are often wrong.
2. Budgeting is cool.
3. Everything’s negotiable.
4. Actively manage your investment accounts.
5. Don’t bank on housing wealth.
6. Stay healthy, stay solvent.

After looking at this list, only two questions come to mind:

1. Didn’t we already know these things before the recession?

2. Are we done learning yet? (Please, please, please let the “learning” be over.)

6 money lessons of the Great Recession [MSN Money]

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: frankieleon)

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