AT&T To Offer Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Access To Windows Mobile Users

If you have a WinMo smartphone, you’re in luck. (Wow, I never thought I’d be typing that.) Starting September 14th, AT&T will open up its approximately 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots to Windows Mobile customers with “qualifying plans.” According to AT&T, that should mean most WinMo customers as “most [already] have a qualifying data plan.”

On the 14th, the three Samsung phones AT&T supports will start automatically logging on, with other handsets being added in the future.

One commenter at WMExperts notes that although this looks like a great freebie for customers, the reality is that it’s probably a smart way for AT&T to offload as much network traffic to Wi-Fi as possible to give their overtaxed 3G network some breathing room. Regardless of the strategy behind it, it’s good news for Windows Mobile users.

“AT&T opening up free WiFi for Windows Mobile” [WMExperts via jkOnTheRun]
(Photo: Ed Yourdon)

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