Atheists Sell Pet Care Service To Christians Anticipating The Rapture

An atheist in New Hampshire is hiring out pet care services to Christians who believe that there will be a rapture and they will leave behind their pets. He won’t tell Mainstreet whether the business is very successful—he says his clients number “more than one and less than 175,” but it’s certainly an interesting way to bring two traditionally opposing groups together under a common (profit-making) cause.

It makes sense, to a point: you don’t want your dog or cat to starve to death in your absence, and if most of your friends are likely going to be gone as well, why not ask the unrepentant and damned to do it? At the very least, they’d probably let the pets run free in the event of some sort of crazy monsters-roaming-the-earth post-apocalyptic “The Mist” scenario.

“What I believe is inconsequential,” says [founder] Bart. “That has not stopped the people who have contracted with me. They believe I am wrong but they also believe I will execute the contract.” As Bart admits, his customers could number in the single digits. In fact, the vast majority of the people who contact him are either atheists who want to get in on the action, or very angry Christians who feel that EEP is an affront to them.

But not all potential customers are howling mad: Hank and Susie Carter are empty-nesters who live in Atlanta and they believe in the rapture.


Hank and Susie are more amused than anything at the business idea.

“I find it humorous that this fellow doesn’t share the belief is trying to turn a profit from people who do believe,” says Hank. Adds Susie: “They are smart business people, trying to make a buck. God bless them.”

“All Dogs Don’t Go to Heaven: Post-Rapture Pet Care” [Mainstreet]
(Photo: Mai Le)

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