5-Pound Gummi Bear Yet Another Example Of Misleading Bulk Pricing

You might think that by purchasing your gummi candy in the most bulk form possible—as a single 5 pound bear-shaped block—you’ll be saving money. After all, the catalog page says this little fella is equivalent to approximately 1400 regular-sized gummi bears. But actually, it turns out a 5 pound bag of Haribo gummis on Amazon is less than half the price (if you get super saver shipping).

It’s true the Haribo bag only has about 485 pieces instead of the 1400 the giant bear says it’s equivalent to. Both items weigh the same amount, however, and one Amazon reviewer notes the Haribo gummis are about 1.5 times larger than regular gummis. So that’s probably 1400 pieces, right? We’re not sure candy math works the same as real math.

Our very wise advice: unless you need the giant bear for slicing to make gummi sandwiches, or for funny photo ops (see the catalog page for details), stick with Haribo. Oh, the giant bear is probably also good as a wacky gift idea. *shrug*

World’s Largest Gummy Bear [Vat19 via Crunchgear ] (Thanks to dk!)

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