Coupon Master Spends $4 Weekly To Feed Family Of Six

If you want to learn how to be insanely efficient with coupon clipping and watching for sales, follow Kathy Spencer and learn from the master. WCVB TV in Boston notes that Spencer manages to spend only $4 on average each week to feed her husband, four kids, and four pets. We carefully re-read the pets line to make sure there was no past tense involved, as this would suggest cheating on where the food comes from. But nope, they’re still around, so it looks like she really is good with coupons and sales.

This kind of savings doesn’t come without a cost, of course; expect to spend about 5 hours each week cutting coupons and hitting up grocery stores, which means added fuel costs as well. But hey, $4 dinners!

“Mom Feeds Family For Under $10 A Week” [WCVBTV Boston] (Thanks to Christopher!)

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