Schwab Bank Gives Man Excellent Customer Service

Josh would like everyone to know that Amber Beyer, Schwab Bank customer service rep, is awesome. Recently he called the bank to tell them about his travel plans. He was so impressed with her knowledegeable and kind service that he was compelled to send a laudatory email to her supervisor, and cc Consumerist. Thus, we enter this chronicle into the halls of legend, the pantheon of excellent customer service known as “Above and Beyond.” Here lies the tale:

I wanted to give you some feedback on my experiences this evening.

I made many calls to inform many banks of my travel plans. I want to convey my thoughts on two of those conversations:

1. 40 minutes on hold with Bank of America. I hung up as I lost all my patience.

2. 40 minutes speaking with Amber Beyer. It was, without question, the best customer service experience I have ever encountered. Not only can I tell that she is a very kind human being but she was so knowledgeable about all your products. To clarify, Amber did not only know about all your products, she knew the smallest details about every process as well, even things that would normally fall out of her territory as a bank rep. Such knowledge is invaluable when needing the correct information. And it is very rare skill. I work in the credit markets and I have dealt with countless reps at various banks spending more time letting them know the incorrect information they were giving out than getting the customer service I deserve.

Amber went above and beyond what I ever experienced with a support representative to ensure that I had all the facts about travel, card usage, bank usage etc. before I went overseas. Not only did she reconfirm my assumptions that Schwab is literally the best bank that exists but she also inspired me to apply for more products that your bank offers.

If that wasn’t the best possible customer service possible I don’t know what is. Call was answered in less than 4 rings, friendly personable service that disseminated sentence after sentence of kind advice and factual information and inspires the customer to seek out more service from your bank.

Amber should be commended and I am super happy to know that should I need any assistance overseas I have her information.

My only suggestion is that Schwab open up more branches!

The key phrase here is “inspires the customer to seek out more service your bank.” Happy customers are repeat customers, and as this email and post shows, become good will ambassadors for the brand.

(Photo: Sara. Nel)

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