$10 XSport Fitness Upgrade Really Costs $20

Cache asked about the $10 “Super Power Pass” add-on at his local XSport Fitness club today—the sign in the window says “work out where you want, when you want with a Super Power Pass for just $10 more*,” and lists “Chicago – New York – Washington” across the top. We don’t know what’s linked via that asterisk, because the fine print on the ad is so small that it’s unreadable in the photo Cache took, but as you might expect there’s no such thing as a $10 add-on that lets you use any XSport Fitness.

Today I noticed a new group of signs posted outside and inside my gym XSport Fitness in Lombard, IL saying that for $10 more I can have access to any XSport Fitness club. These new signs were plastered nearby all the existing signs advertising monthly membership of $19.95. Since I would enjoy using several of the XSport fitness gyms spread throughout the Chicago suburbs and Chicago I eagerly went to sign up. However, after speaking to the employee at the front desk I learned that nothing on the sign is actually true. It’s $10 more if you pay $30 a month, which is not actually that gym’s rate. Also, even though the sign clearly states Chicago, the upgrade does not work at ANY Chicago gyms, only suburban Chicago.

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