Revolutionize Your Butt With Winkers Jeans

Move over Snuggie, there’s a new clothing-based innovation in town—and instead of hiding your curves under a human fumigation tent, this one turns your butt into fashion fuel and then sets it on fire! Best of all, if you want to be the president of the Winkers club and not just a member, licensing is available. Oh yes, of course there’s a video clip.

Winkers have to be custom ordered, and the inventor has some notes about what sorts of clothing work:

…if the leg is too loose and hangs from the widest part of the buttocks the pants will not wink. Some dresses and lingerie will also wink. I do not have a satisfactory way to decorate lingerie though. Perhaps later. Taking all into consideration men’s pants will wink also. Many slacks and overalls do not wink very well though, because they are too loose.

Winkers [via Dlisted]

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