Missouri Bridal Shop Of Doom Might Actually Hate Brides, Bridesmaids

A funny story from KSDK in St. Louis looks at the bridal store “I Do I Do”—now under new management—and some of the more colorful complaints received by the Better Business Bureau over the past few years. (The store has an F rating with the BBB.) It’s quite likely, based on these complaints, that “I Do I Do” was employing a chimpanzee to make alterations.

Here’s what one woman said happened to her and another bridesmaid:

When the work finally was done, just days before the wedding, she said she noticed multiple problems. Stitches were coming out or “popping open,” the hem was coming undone and the dark brown dress was sewn with light brown thread, she said. She said the dress of another bridesmaid was so poorly altered that she could not even get her arms in the arm holes. The woman said the wedding was rescued only by the last-minute heroics of the mother of one of the bridesmaids who was a seamstress.

Another woman said she ended up paying double the price of the dress:

She said at the time of her original order, she had tried on a size 10 dress which was too large. But when the dress arrived, it was a size 18 and alterations from I Do I Do made the $170 dress not wearable. She said she had to pay $160 for emergency alterations.

Another bridesmaid ended up with a very modern, deconstructed look (we don’t know what “deconstructed” actually means, but they used it a lot on Project Runway so we know it’s fashion-related):

But when she tried on her dress after the shop had completed alterations, she discovered several problems. The neckline, which was supposed to be horizontal instead was at a “20 or 30-degree angle.” She said four inches of the inside lining of the dress were hanging below the bottom of the dress. She said the hem looked like it had been cut by “a 2-year-old” with scissors. The woman said an outside seamstress “had to rip out every seam and remake it.”

And here’s what the store’s owner had to say about the charges against her store: “Some people, you just can’t make happy.”

“Chesterfield bridal shop causes wedding chaos” [KSDK.com] (Thanks to Pete!)
(Photo: rocksee)

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