One-Armed Abercrombie & Fitch Worker Wins Wrongful Dismissal Case

A former UK Abercrombie & Fitch employee whose prosthetic arm didn’t comport with the store’s “look policy” has won a case against the clothier for wrongful dismissal and emotional trauma.

The store had initially allowed her to work on the floor, provided she wore a cardigan to hide her arm. When the corporate “Look Police” paid a visit, they flipped over her cardigan and demanded she be relegated to the backroom until the winter uniform, with its longer sleeves, arrived.

Someday we’ll live in a world where even people who aren’t perfect can work in shallow and superficial environments, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling black and white photographs of nubile teens frolicking in near-nudity. Someday.

British Student With Prosthetic Arm Wins Court Case Against Abercrombie and Fitch [Sky News] (Thanks to Noah!)
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(Photo: NickStarr)

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