Petland Puppy Mill Lawsuit Smacked On Nose By Judge, Told To Refile

A class action lawsuit against alleged puppy-mill-patronizing petstore chain Petland was thrown out by a federal judge in Arizona last week, but the suit isn’t over yet. Lawyers representing the humans of six puppies from Petland have until the end of August to refile their suit, and they plan to do so.

The plaintiffs must prove that they were harmed or otherwise defrauded by any misrepresentation of their puppies’ origin.

The suit was dismissed Friday by a federal judge in Phoenix who said the allegations were too general and that the complaint did not show that the plaintiffs were direct victims of the fraud that was alleged in the suit.

The plaintiffs did not show that Petland’s statements about where the puppies came from were a direct cause of injury to the pet owners, the judge said, or that plaintiffs suffered injury from Hunte, a Missouri-based company named in the lawsuit, which also has denied the claims.

Copies of a few vet bills for the animals with inherited diseases and other health problems just might make the point. The new lawsuit will be filed as a class action.

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