JetBlue's $599 Unlimited Travel Pass: Great Deal Or Great Gimmick?

Are you planning a vacation that involves spending large expanses of time waiting around in airports? Good news! JetBlue’s new unlimited travel pass may be for you! For only $599, you can fly as many times as you’d like between the cities that JetBlue serves.

What’s the inevitable catch?

…Ray Neidl, an independent airline analyst, said it’s “not quite as crazy as it sounds on the surface.”

He said that JetBlue has a limited number of routes and often has fares of $99. So, while the San Francisco example above makes it sound like a great deal, Neidl said, some passengers might need to make six trips to make it worthwhile.

“There are not a lot of people who can travel that much,” he said. “It’s students or retirees.”

By September, of course, students are back in school, so they aren’t ideal candidates for this promotion. You just know that someone is going to find a way to fly to all of the cities JetBlue serves using the pass during the promotion month, and write a blog about it.

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(Photo: mrkathika)

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