Not So "Drinkable?" Sales Of Bud Light Are Dropping For The First Time Ever

Sales of Bud Light are down, probably because of the recession, but we hope it’s because of the aggressively annoying “Drinkability” campaign. In any case, AB has decided to roll out more than 15 new “Drinkability” commercials in the coming weeks, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Volume sales of Bud Light, the top-selling brew in the U.S., have fallen this year and may register their first annual sales decline in the brand’s 27-year history.

The new ads, set to coincide with the start of the U.S. football season on networks such as ESPN, will include more of the humor that drinkers have been accustomed to seeing from Bud Light over the years. The ads will refine the company’s “Drinkability” campaign — which sought to persuade drinkers that Bud Light is neither too heavy nor too light in taste — that began last year and has struggled to gain traction.

Do you like the “Drinkability” campaign? Are we the only ones who find it really annoying?

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