Well, The Sewage Plant Is Hiring

Looking for work? Not finding any? Maybe you’re not looking in the right places. You should follow your nose. To the sewage plant, or maybe the slaughterhouse. There are jobs available, but don’t think you can just waltz in there and be get hired automatically.

From the AP:

When officials in Stamford, Conn., posted a single position at the local sewage plant, more than 300 people raised their hands — about twice the number who would seek such jobs before the recession.

About 100 of them made the cut and were allowed to take a test and interview. The work: Drying up wastewater sludge and operating chlorine tanks.

After months of unemployment, that job sounded appealing to 26-year-old Gary Cappiello of nearby Norwalk. Cappiello had worked in the maintenance department of a Target store before being laid off in the spring of last year.

“I’m just applying for anything now — even if the job is low-paying or not a comfortable position,” he said. “It’s just getting to a desperate point. The bills need to be paid.”

Recently, he found out he didn’t make the cut at the sewage plant.

Competition is heating up for slaughterhouse jobs too. Tyson spokesperson Gary Mickelson says they’ve seen “an increase in the qualifications and experience of those applying.”

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