GM Cleans Out Closet, Will Sell New Cars On eBay

GM just realized that the downstairs hall closet is a freakin’ mess. Mom went down there and saw all these, like, Pontiacs and stuff in there and now everyone is in trouble for letting it get this bad. The solution? An eBay store!

Starting tomorrow, GM will list up to 20,000 vehicles on the on-line auction house for your bidding pleasure. Initially, the test will only include dealerships in California, but if the program gets a A+++++++++++++++!!!!! you can expect a nationwide roll-out.

“Together with eBay Motors, GM and our dealers are reinventing the car-buying experience for our California customers,” Mark LaNeve, G.M.’s vice president for U.S. sales, said in a statement. “As the dealer showroom expands from the parking lot to the laptop, this makes it easier for a customer to browse available new-car inventory, make an offer, buy it now, or send a message asking for more information from a dealer – all at the customer’s convenience.”

G.M. Sees eBay as a Way to Reach New Buyers [NYT]
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