Behold, The 10 Most Pet-Friendly Cities — which fans of the Broadway musical will be devastated to learn is devoted to home-finding and not the play — has named the 10 most pet-friendly cities in a press release.

The cities:

1. New York City’s Central Park is simply pet heaven, with its winding trails and fenced-in dog parks. If asphalt is more appealing, walk your pet along the Brooklyn Bridge. New York is also one of the few cities where pet daycares can be found in nearly every neighborhood!

2. Chicago provides canine cruises across the famed Navy Pier, as well as pet-welcoming patio restaurants throughout the city. Chicago is also home to an assortment of pet resorts and boarding kennels.

3. Boston invites pets to tour the harbor by boat, as long as their pet owners come along! Walk your dog along the Freedom Trail to explore the many historical sites that this city has to offer. Leashed dogs and felines are even welcome on the subway.

4. Houston is home to a variety of pet-friendly hotels and restaurants that span throughout the city. Barnaby’s Café is a local favorite, where wait staff provide a cardboard dog bowl to keep your pooch hydrated morning, noon and night.

5. San Francisco boasts plenty of pet-friendly dining in addition to off-leash beaches and outdoor areas. Pets are even welcome to ride in the cable cars or walk alongside their owners across the Golden Gate Bridge!

6. Austin offers the Zilker Botanical Gardens and Congress Street Bats as top-rated pooch attractions, in addition to outdoor cafes and off-leash parks.

7. Washington, D.C. and suburb Alexandria, Va., offer a selection of pet-friendly restaurants in addition to an array of outdoor parks.

8. Portland, Ore., is home to the famously pet-friendly Lucky Labrador restaurant chain, in addition to the well-known Rose Gardens and Saturday Outdoor Market. Several pet boutiques have recently emerged in the city, including Portland Pooch and Cat’s Meow.

9. Charleston offers tours throughout the historic city, including day tours to Boone Hall and Magnolia Plantations, as well as nightly ghost tours. All pets welcome.

10. Ann Arbor invites pets for outdoor fun from dog-friendly canoeing, farms and gardens such as the Nichols Arboretum, a 123-acre botanical garden at the University of Michigan.

Poor Chicago, always the second city, never the first. By the way, if your city does not appear on this list and you have a pet, you clearly don’t love it enough.

(Photo: dooleymtv)

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