Sperm Banks Now More Discerning

Thanks to the credit crunch, it’s harder to get a loan or line of credit from most banks. But some banks are becoming more discerning about who they allow to make deposits. What banks? Sperm banks, of course.

Sperm banks are seeing an increase in applicants, at the same time that medical advances mean fewer couples need their services. Minyanville checked out the current scene:

Albert Anouna, Director and CEO of Biogenetics, told me that only 2% to 8% of applicants are ever accepted as donors at his facility.

It may seem eugenically unfair (after all, some apples do fall far from the trees), but sperm banks are like any other business, and competition has only gotten tougher in recent years.

How to improve your odds of acceptance? Successful applicants are 5’10” or taller, have a good family health history going back three or four generations, are in good general health themselves, and have a degree from a prestigious (think Ivy League) four-year college.

Incidentally, when I clicked on the original story, I got a giant banner ad for Viagra.

A Run on the (Sperm) Banks [Minyanville]

(Photo: Mobilus In Mobili)

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