Meet The First Stealth Starbucks: Seattle's 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea

A few weeks ago, we shared a story about Starbucks opening new stores that are not branded “Starbucks.” The idea is to recreate the flavor and feel of the independent coffeehouses your neighborhood used to have before Starbucks came along. Shortly after that, the first non-Starbucks Starbucks, 15th Avenue E Coffee and Tea in Seattle, opened for business. What’s it like?

Let PSFK take you inside, with a photo gallery and interview with Starbucks “Director of Global Concept Design,” Liz Muller.

The idea is to match store aesthetic to specific neighborhoods—which has led to accusations of simply copying the design of surrounding stores. Muller explains the plan behind this first shop.

We did this by introducing slow coffee, manual machines, the scooping of beans. You are truly looking at a different approach. Is this for every Starbucks? No. There is a place for this in specific neighborhoods in the US and potentially globally. Each approach will be different to reflect the neighborhood it is in.

Fine, but Captain Duvel Moneycat wants to know: how does oatmeal fit into this concept? If it doesn’t, then what’s the point?

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(Photo: PSFK)

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