Forget Co-Pays, Your Bill Is Due Now

$10 copays are history in some doctor’s offices these days, as some clinics are requiring the entire out-of -pocket cost up front. But what if you get overcharged?

WSJ reports:

Michael Gurion, an Atlanta attorney, says he didn’t object when an optometrist collected around $70 from him during a visit a few years ago for an exam and contact lenses. But months later, when he looked at his insurer’s explanation of benefits, he discovered he’d only owed about $25. He called the optometrist’s office and was told the difference was being kept by the practice as a credit toward future visits.

If you do end up paying in full before leaving, watch for the insurer’s explanation of benefits in the mail. If it’s less than what you paid, ask for a refund.

Beyond Co-Pay: Surprise Bills at the Doctor’s [WSJ]

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