Trade Walgreens Hippie Cold/Flu Remedy For Actual Flu Shot

First, there was Airborne. Then there was Rite-Aid’s house brand version of Airborne. Now, the Walgreens brand of homeopathic cold and flu remedy was also the subject of a class action lawsuit, and the settlement is at hand.

If you bought Wal-Born, you can get a refund of up to $14.97, or a free flu shot on site at Walgreens. File your claim by September 7, 2009 if you are eligible. Proof of purchase or receipts are not required.

Wal-Born was sold from 2001 until March of this year. It does not prevent or treat colds or flu.

Wal-Born Class Action Settlement [Official Site]
Wal-Born Class Action Lawsuit Settlement [Top Class Actions]

(Photo: Top Class Actions)

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