Used Syringes Surprise Kohl's Shopper

We’ve all been there, trying on a pair of shorts in a Kohl’s dressing room when suddenly we feel the cold sting of three used syringes. Or maybe it’s a joy that was limited to a Texas woman who was shopping yesterday at the Kohl’s in Harris County, Texas.

Speaking to us on the condition we don’t reveal his identity, the victim’s husband detailed what he says happened. He says his wife was trying on a pair of shorts when she was pricked by what she though was a pin, only to discover after reaching into the pockets that three syringes were inside.

“They were obviously used. They had blood on them,” the victim’s husband said.

What troubles him is that store employees seemed to downplay the incident, only notifying the sheriff’s office after he suggested it.

“That’s the first question I asked them, ‘Did you call law enforcement?’ They told me they hadn’t. They had called their loss prevention individual,” said the victim’s husband.

The sheriff’s office confirmed a police report was taken, but without any evidence the syringes were left intentionally, it was strictly taken for information.

A spokesperson for Kohl’s said, “We are cooperating with authorities as they investigate.”

Just to be safe, Kohl’s employees are rifling through their stock of pants to make sure no more stabby surprises are lurking in any pockets. As for the pricked shopper, she’s already getting preventative treatments for whatever nastiness might live on a bloodied syringe.

Woman says she was pricked by syringes [ABC13] (Thanks to Steve!)
(Photo: OakleyOriginals)

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