OutOfYourLife.Com: The Man Eater's Cash4Gold?

Here’s a common problem: we have many ex-lovers, who have put ice on our wrists and given us countless pearl necklaces. But these wealthy suitors have left our hearts broken and in this economy, we’re hurting for cash. Thankfully, we discovered Out of Your Life (motto: “It’s time to break up with his jewelry, too”), who will buy our tear-stained jewelry back from us!

When we first saw this ad, we thought it was a joke. It’s not. Get in touch with Out of Your Life, and they’ll send you a Break-Up Box for your jewelry. Send it in, get your cash back, and buy yourself something fabulous!

We guess this is empowering, but it’s also weird. We’re also unaware of what the etiquette is about who gets engagement rings back, but thankfully Out of Your Life has provided an info page. We’re impressed by their downright scholarly description of this peculiar area of property and family law, with the historical precedent and minority view, as well as extra complications like if there are conditions attached to these lavish gifts (we have no idea what sort of conditions they might mean).

So if you’re like the woman in this ad, blinged out in your own personal conflict diamonds, cash that love in!

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