Free Wifi For All At Barnes & Noble Stores

The new ebook offering from Barnes & Noble may not be that compelling–it’s all the DRM badness of Amazon, but not always the lower prices–and yet something awesome has come out of it. Starting immediately, all customers can access free Wi-Fi in any B&N store.

The idea (we guess) is to help push sales of ebooks on their new smartphone apps, but they’re pretty explicit about not tying the Wi-Fi access solely to ebook customers:

anybody walking into a Barnes & Noble store anywhere in the country will have complimentary and unlimited access to the network at all store locations.

It looks like you can also sign up, somehow, for coupons to be sent to your phone when you enter a B&N Wi-Fi area, but they’re not specific about how that works.

“Barnes & Noble Stores Nationwide to Offer Complimentary AT&T Wi-Fi” [Barnes & Noble Inc. via mocoNews]
(Photo: °Florian)

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