Watch Out For Sweet Appliance Deals Later This Summer

Sales of major appliances are down 29.2 percent from this time last year, and the most notable decline has been in air conditioners. What has caused it? Growing energy consciousness? Shrinking pocketbooks? Maybe a little of both.
Consumer Reports noted:

Air conditioners were especially hard hit, with annualized shipments sinking 60 percent. The cool, wet late spring/early summer hurt AC sales, but even where the mercury rose, many homeowners decided to forgo air conditioning to save on energy costs, according to this recent article in The New York Times.

If you’re not willing to sweat it out all summer, the slumping shipment figures could mean even deeper discounts on air conditioners, and you might find it easier to hire a top contractor to install a central-air system.

Excellent. I refuse to run an air conditioner at home, but I buy all of my fans in late summer and early fall, myself. I predict that there will be fewer fan deals to be had this year.

By the Numbers: Shipments of air conditioners and major appliances decline in June

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