Use Psychological Trick Of "Reciprocity" To Get Better Customer Service

It’s one of those customer service calls you get in battle mode for. You set out all your papers and documents, you know exactly what you’re going to ask for, you have a glass of water ready, you take a deep breath, annnnnd – but wait. What if you had one more thing, just a little more edge that might tip the scales in your favor? An article in Pyschology Today talks about the classic customer service technique of “reciprocity.” At the call’s outset,

tell the agent that you’re so impressed with his or her service and knowledge so far that you’re going to write a positive letter or e-mail about your interaction to his or her supervisor as soon as you get off the phone.

Since you’ve offered to do them a favor, they’ll feel inclined to return it.

Trouble With Customer Service Agents? How to get what you want-nicely. [Pyschology Today] (Thanks to Robert!) (Photo: sun dazed)

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