EPA Tweaks Official MPGs Prior To Cash4Clunkers, Shafting Some

UPDATE: Cash4Clunkers Admin Responds To MPG Switcharoo, Says Nothing

Shazam! Your car magically gets more miles per gallon! That’s what some consumers hoping to take advantage of the government’s “Cash For Clunkers” program are discovering. And the result is that they suddenly no longer qualify for up to $4500 voucher.

Daniel Anderson’s 1991 V6 Toyota Camry went up from 18 mpg to 19 mpg. Same for Jeff Chase and his 1989 Mazda 929, reports Jalopnik. Some time in the past week the FuelEconomy.gov fuel efficiency numbers increased for these cars, rendering their owners ineligible for the program that gives vouchers to drivers who trade in old gas guzzlers for more fuel efficient cars. Jalopnik spoke with several government spokespeoples and none of them had any idea that the change had happened.

Check out FuelEconomy.gov, and see if the government suddenly says you get more mpg and it just so happens to disqualify you from a Cash For Clunkers voucher.

And for information on whether Cash For Clunkers is right for you, check out this Consumer Reports special feature.

EPA Secretly Changing MPG Numbers Ahead Of Cash For Clunkers, Screwing Consumers [Jalopnik] (Photo: seanmcgrath)

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