Rent A Center Accused Of Illegal Collection Tactics In Washington

There are many, many good reasons why you shouldn’t purchase your home furnishings from rent-to-own outfits, but the state of Washington has discovered an exciting new one: collection tactics from Rent A Center that are so aggressive, they’re illegal.

According to the AP:

McKenna also filed complaints signed by 10 individuals claiming they were abused by Rent-A-Center collectors. Their complaints include trying to break down a door, threats against their children, profanity in collection calls and giving personal financial information to neighbors.

Yes, there is inherent risk in the business model of grossly overcharging low-income people for household goods, but that doesn’t even come close to excusing any of the behavior detailed above.

Rent-A-Center accused of illegal dealings in Wash. [Seattle Post-Intelligencer/AP]

Do Not – We Repeat – Do Not Rent Your Home Furnishings
Rent-A-Center More Like Ripoff Center

(Photo: indiewench)

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