These Hobbies Can Make You Money

Hobbies tend to be the first things to go when money gets tight, because it’s a better idea to feed and clothe yourself than buy a PSP or new Legos.

But not all hobbies waste your time. Some even make financially beneficial use of it. Tampa’s ABC Action News profiles six such pastimes.

One has to do with the photo, and it’s not Etch-a-sketching:

Not everyone has the talent to do photography for special events, but nothing can stop you from earning money as you learn more. You can find a niche in an area such as pet photography, stock photos or taking pictures of local landmarks or popular regional places, and make cards or calendars to sell. You can contact your local newspaper, magazines or real estate agencies to see whether they’re interested in your work, too. Or contact local businesses and see if they need photos for brochures or ads, or sell your photos at art and craft shows, fairs or festivals.

Others include woodwork, gardening, crafts and baking. Curiously, the story doesn’t mention writing, which may explain why I’m so poor.

6 hobbies that can pay for themselves and make you money [ABC Action News]
(Photo: Spirit635)

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