Personal Finance Roundup

5 Ways to Cheaper, Cleaner Energy at Home [Smart Money] “Check out these 5 cost-effective ways you can use renewable energy in your home.”
6 Money Talks to Have Before You Marry [US News] “Before tying the knot, experts recommend that couples have these six big money talks to prevent conflicts later.”
Home Ownership Was Never a Road to Riches [Wall Street Journal] “You should buy as much home as you need-but no more.”
6 Weird Things People Sell for Cash [Wise Bread] “Here are some of the more off-the-wall commodities we found, and they are making some people a bit more comfortable these days.”
Look abroad for cheaper health care [MSN Money] “More patients — and insurance companies — are turning to overseas facilities for lower-cost medical procedures. And the quality of care often rivals that of the US.”

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: RichSeattle)

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