You've Got To Spend Money To Save Money — Wait, What?

In the all-out, hyperfrugal rush to save on whatever you can, however possible, it’s easy to overlook the fact that you’re not saving anything if you’re buying garbage. Maryland’s ABC 2 News checks in with a story that reinforces such thinking, with this post on ways to save more in the long run by spending more now.

One tip explains how to save on tools by springing for quality:

Make an investment in home, kitchen or garden tools or machines. Not only are many backed by warranty, but often, they can outlive you and be passed onto family or friends. Cheap tools make easy jobs harder. One example: Quality knives can be resharpened and cut food with ease. They make cooking more enjoyable and less laborious. Many people don’t realize the difference until they finally buy higher-quality knives.

Or you can just be like me and continue using your dulled steak knives that were quickly downgraded to butter knives by the cruelties of soap and water, bitter that your utensils don’t’t get the job done yet grateful they’re too dull to accidentally harm you anymore.

When frugal living means spending MORE money [ABC 2 News]
(Photo: Great Beyond)

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