Get Ready For More AT&T Data Slowdowns

Oh jeez, AT&T, don’t you have enough on your plate? You can’t handle your iPhone customers as it is. TechCrunch says some customers’ voicemails go missing for days or even weeks, you can’t enable MMS because there’s no room for it on your system, and the “faster” 3GS isn’t any faster at all on your network. Now comes word that you’ll be the one providing so-called “connectitivty” for Barnes & Noble’s new ebook reader coming out next year. The result: more congestion for every AT&T customer.

On the sidewalks of midtown NYC–what should be one of the most “connected” places in the world–I can’t even get dial-up speeds when going online, and that’s assuming I can go online at all.

An AT&T suit said yesterday that the e-ink device, which is made by Plastic Logic, “will really deliver that ubiquitous connectivity that customers have asked for.” We hope he used air quotes and winked when he said that.

“AT&T to Power Upcoming E-Reader” [WSJ via mocoNews]
(Photo: Annie Mole)

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