Sunwing Airlines Also Breaks Guitars – Then Replaces Them

Musician Dave Carroll told us that United breaks guitars, but did you know that other airlines break guitars, too? Oh yes!

…You probably could have guessed that.

Now, however, the mere threat of Dave Carroll’s song seems to scare airlines into action. Canadian musician Kevin Fox tried to get Sunwing Airlines to replace his $2,000 acoustic guitar, but they didn’t take action until his wife e-mailed them a link to Carroll’s song “United Breaks Guitars.” Suddenly, they were quite happy to compensate him for his lost instrument. Though we should take this story with a few grains of salt—notice how they claim that Carroll hopes to get a new guitar out of United, when he wants no such thing.

Airline employees destroying musicians’ guitars: worst summer fad ever?

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(Photo: timparkinson)