Jamba Juice Rips Off "Get Your War On" Comic For Ad Campaign

Jamba Juice has decided to totally bite the style of the popular-among-some comic “Get Your War On” to pimp their lame “cubicle-cation” campaign. Ripping off indie tshirt designers we’re used to, but comics? By juice franchises? GYWO creator David Rees responded, “Whoever made this ad is probably a 22 year-old “creative” at some ad agency in Tech Valley, CA. Way to think outside the box, sonny. Have fun snorting cocaine at the nightclub you go to with your friends who work at Twitter or wherever. And no, Adult Swim will NOT buy your stupid cartoon you’re developing with your housemates about four guys who work at an ad agency but are secretly lobsters.” Nuff said.

No Justice, Part II: Boycott Jamba Juice! [mnftiu.cc]
Get Your War On [Official Site]

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