RadioShack Will Say Anything To Upsell Extended Warranties

An anonymous RadioShack employee sent us what he considers unethical talking points distributed by the corporate office to help employees upsell the RadioShack Replacement Service Plan. According to our tipster, “each example encourages lying.” Read the deceptive talking points, inside…

Our tipster writes:

I’m a RadioShack employee who has become very frustrated with being asked to lie to customers in order to increase our profits. I forwarded the following email to ethics@radioshack and did not receive a reply or witness any correction from the managers involved. I feel that at this point your blog is my best chance to warn consumers about RadioShack and other retail outlets that might pull similar shenanigans. The email that follows has been transcribed from a printout, as our email system doesn’t allow messages to be forwarded outside the company. In the email, we are given examples of things to say to customers in an effort to sell the RadioShack Replacement Service Plan – aka RSSP. Each example encourages lying to the customer about the benefits of the service plan. The full terms and conditions for the plan can be found here.

Subject: Wanna “SELL” RSSP after you offer it!

Here is some example verbage. You have to believe in this to make it work. The customer’s can sense your indifference if YOU don’t believe. Don’t just offer, SELL IT!!!

1. Bluetooth especially, or anything that has rechargeable batteries.
“For only $5.99 a year this replacement plan will get you a new headset every year! Just make a claim, get you gift card, come back here and get your new headset and service plan for one more year”.

2. This works with most replacement plans.
“If you get the replacement plan, its like buying one and getting one free” “If for ANY reason you are dissatisfied with the product, you can make a claim, get your gift card, then get a new product of the same, or use it to upgrade to something better. It’s like an upgrade program for most everything in the store”.

3. Multi phone cordless example.
“If you get this replacement plan for $29.99 on this four phone set, it’s like getting $120 worth the future battery replacements for 75% off retail AND a full two year money back guarantee on the whole phone system for free! Even if you never have to make a claim on the phone system, you saved $90 on batteries.

The claims are par for the course. Salespeople upsell extended warranties by making grandiose promises that companies rarely honor. Save yourself the cash and stay away from extended warranties.

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