The Megapixel Wars Must End

Consumer Reports has the guts to say what nobody else does. Too many innocent kilobytes have been overwritten in vain. Too many other digital camera features not given their chance to shine. It’s time. We all must agree that it’s time for the megapixel wars to end.

Resolution on a digital camera isn’t infinite. Eventually, technology reaches a point where adding more pixels doesn’t add to the detail or quality of an image. Before we reach that point technologically, it’s time to add more cool features.

For consumers, this means that the new models camera makers will introduce for the holidays this year (yes, it’s nearly that time already) will probably exhibit only modest increases in megapixels. Instead, camera makers will push a variety of other features, such as HD video capability, wider wide-angle lenses, and more wireless features. Other enhancements I expect: more cameras with swiveling LCDs, sophisticated smart modes and face-detection type features, and specialized functions like panorama modes.

Yes, please!

Will new digital cameras continue the megapixel war or focus on other features? [Consumer Reports Electronics]

(Photo: Tengaport)

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