Bail Yourself Out By Draining Water Costs

If Kevin Costner’s epic cinematic vision is to be trusted, water will only continue to get more rare and pricey, even as we move closer to a world of melted polar ice caps.

So until the aquapolypse it’s best to learn how to save money on water sooner rather than later. DIY Guy, a syndicated Popular Mechanics column that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle, has 15 tips to help you lower your water bill.

One of them is to limit flushing:

Don’t use the toilet as a trash can. Dispose of tissues, cotton swabs and dental floss in the trash — you’ll save water and also prevent clogs. Consider replacing toilets with dual-flush models, which use less water depending on the contents being disposed. Another option is the Aquanotion, which allows you to retrofit your current toilet with a dual-flush system.

Or just obey the old nursery rhyme, “If it’s brown, flush it down. If it’s pee, let it be.”

15 Ways To Save Water (And Money) [San Francisco Chronicle]
(Photo: Crawfishpie)

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