Store Brand Mixed Vegetables: Not Quite As Mixed As You Would Think

Have you ever taken a serving of mixed vegetables and sorted it by vegetable? Louis, annoyed at inaccurate depictions of food on labels, decided to sort, count, and weigh the vegetables in his can of Always Save brand canned vegetables. The results? Uh, not so mixed.

Here’s his tally:

6 peas, 3 grams
2 lima beans, 1.5 grams
13 corn, 3 grams
1 celery, .25 grams
6 green beans, 2.5 grams
109 carrots, 146 grams
99 potatoes, 149 grams

Not quite the distribution shown on the label, is it? Maybe the green vegetables have been hit with a grocery invisibility ray. Not to knock potatoes and carrots, which are nutritious and extremely tasty, but that’s not quite the mix one would expect from the label.